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The Schliesser - Hicks Family Tree

Hello! Welcome to my web site!

This family tree contains over 15,000 names. Approximately half of the database features my husband's side (primarily English origins), and the other half features my side (German and Norwegian origins). It includes ancestors and cousins from the past, as well as present-day relatives. I have included all known descendants of our great-great grandparents to 'reunite' the family branches that have gone their separate ways.

On the web site, for privacy protection, personal information (such as birth info) is automatically blocked for all living individuals.

I am striving to make the database as accurate as possible, so please let me know if you find any errors. (I hope to put together a book someday of ancestors and descendants for each branch.) If your family is part of this family tree, please contact me, so that I can verify and update the data I have in my main records.

I maintain source information for all data in my main records. Below, in the "Table of Contents" section of this page, is a link to a "Description of Research on My German and Norwegian Lines."

Over the years, I have done research on the various ancestral branches of the family (most extensively on the Norwegian Børsheim/Burshem branch and the German Goho and Spiegel branches), which included looking up microfilmed American, Norwegian, and German church records. Additionally, along the way, many relatives have shared information with me. I appreciate each one, and would like to make mention of the following relatives who made major contributions:

Charles E. Steffler: (Steffler-Rilling Lines)
Joycelyn H. Spellman: (Spellmann-Hahn Families)
Velma I. Schliesser: (Schliesser Family)
Aaron H. Hunter: (Hadley-Hammond Ancestry)
Veldon Hix: (Hicks Ancestry)
Alden G. Lien: (Lien Family)
Charles C. B. Goodwin: (Hahn Ancestry)
Virginia Cornet & Velma Engler: (Schliesser Family)

Periodically, I hire Jens Mueller-Koppe of Historical Research Services in Kiel (formerly Bremen), Germany to do research on my lines from north and northwest Germany. He does excellent work.

In 2008, I had genealogical mtDNA testing, which shows that my direct maternal line (going back thousands of years) belongs to Haplogroup I (subclade I5c1). My mtDNA sequence was submitted to GenBank (Accession # HQ658465). The earliest known location/origin of my direct maternal line is Northern Germany, in Wittorf, which is now in the state of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Germany, where my ancestor Anna Magdalena Sass (1781-1845) and husband Nicolaus Heinrich Harten raised their family.

Enjoy your visit to the site!

Martha J. (Schliesser) Hicks

P.S. If you are related to the Schliessers, please see the notice below.


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